First iPhone 4S Complete Teardown & Rebuild Video Hours after Release

iPhone 4s take apart Video

Roseville, Calif. – October 14, 2011 – iPhoneShopUSA, an Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad repair shop, releases a complete teardown / take apart and reassembly video for the iPhone 4S within hours of it’s release.

iPhone 4s take apart screw organizer sheet

They also released the printable screw organizer sheet mat for iPhone 4S. The printable iPhone 4S screw organizer sheet. This handy sheet helps to organize all the screws and parts while doing your iPhone 4S screen replacement repair or dis-assembly. If you plan on doing an iPhone 4S take apart, be sure to pick up one of these.

iPhone 4S take apart Parts

iPhone 4S Replacement Parts and Accessories

iPhone 4S takeapart directions on YouTube.

The iPhone 4S take apart was brought to you by @iPhoneShopUSA.

iPhone 4 proximity sensor fix

iPhone 4 proximity sensor fix

The iPhone 4 proximity sensor is suppose to detect when your face is against the glass and turn off the screen, so that you don’t inadvertently press buttons or accidentally mute your caller. Problem is sometimes the screen still lets in some light confusing the sensor into thinking it’s not being covered. What we’ve noticed is this problem is inconsistent. Some sensors seem to be more sensitive than others. Here’s a pretty simple fix we’ve been using with high success to alleviate the problem.

iPhone 4 Proximity sensor fix supplies
iPhone 4 Proximity sensor fix supplies


What you’ll need is…

  • Electrical Tape
  • Small razor blade or x-acto knife

iPhone 4 proximity sensor fix instructions:

  1. Make two small rectangles out of the electrical tape. Make them small enough to cover up the sensors shown below. Figure 1.
  2. Cut two smaller rectangles inside each of the two rectangles you made in step 1. Figure 1.
  3. Take the first completed cover and place it over the proximity sensor fix Figure 2.
  4. Take the second completed cover and place it over the proximity sensor fix. Figure 3.
  5. Reassembly your iPhone 4 and that should take care of the issue.

iPhone 4 proximity sensor fix image references


iPhone 4 Proximity sensor fix. Figure 1
iPhone 4 Proximity sensor fix. Figure 2
iPhone 4 Proximity sensor fix. Figure 3

Did this iPhone 4 proximity sensor fix work for you?

iPhone 4 Pentalobe Screws

Got Pentalobe Screws?

You’ll need a pentalobe screwdriver. These Proprietary Tamper Proof Five Point Screws on the bottom of the iPhone 4 are known as the “iPhone 4 pentalobe screws” and they were meant to keep you completely out of your iPhone. We got the solution for these special iPhone 4 screws. The iPhone 4 Pentalobe Screwdriver is the solution and is now available in the store. It’s important to know whether you have these screws or not before ordering your repair kit. You’ll want to compare the screws on the bottom of your iPhone 4 to the sample picture. If you need to repair your iPhone then you’ll want to be sure to check it out.

Do you have a Pentalobe Screwdriver?

Check your iPhone 4 for these new screws. It’s easy! If they match the picture then you’ll need the special screw driver. Fix your iPhone 4 yourself if it’s out of warranty and save. Don’t let these screws lock you out.

Enter the Pentalobe Screwdriver

Don’t confuse these new iPhone 4 screws with Torx screws, because they are definitely not Torx screws. They are a special rounded 5 star screw that can only be removed with a special iPhone 4 Pentalobe Screwdriver. We have them in stock. Visit our store and pick up a pentalobe screwdriver today.

How to Fix DiskAid iPhone Root Access Issue After Limera1n Jailbreak

Limera1n is the popular and easiest jailbreak tool for iPhone OS 4.1. However, some users have reported that DiskAid (or other iPhone file browser) does not recognize their jailbroken iPhone after using limera1n. This issue has been discussed around the various discussion forums. The limera1n developer, GeoHot, also mentioned this is a known issue but he’s not going to provide the fix.

So, why can’t DiskAid recognize your iPhone as Jailbroken after limera1n jailbreak? The reason is simple – your jailbroken iPhone misses a service that the iPhone file browser depends to access the root file system. That service is known as “afc2″.

To resolve the issue, you can simply install a fix called “afc2add” that is available from Cydia. Once installed, reboot your iPhone. That’s it! Now, try to connect your iPhone with USB and launch DiskAid or other file browser again. The file browser should be able to recognize your jailbroken iPhone and access the root file system.

As always, let us know if the fix works for you.