Cart 2 Order (Payment)



Convert Carts into Actual Orders processed by the Payment of your choosing.

Compatible with Prestashop 1.3.x - 1.4.x


v1.0.3 fixes a bug that caused it not to work with Prestashop v1.4.5.1

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$9.99 tax excl.

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Problem: You are getting an error or errors, such as 401 or 404, when someone completes an order from PayPal or Google Checkout. The order completes, and you get paid, on PayPal or Google Checkout but the callback API is not working right. This is probably because you are using shared hosting and may have a shared SSL certificate too, depending on your hosting provider. PrestaShop does not complete or convert shopping carts to orders without the API callback working correctly so your inventory and stats never are updated in Prestashop.

Solution: This module allows you to convert shopping carts to orders in the back office. Therefore the inventory is reduced accordingly and the reports get updated, etc. You are basically doing manually what the step the API callback would be doing, if it was workiing.

How to Use: Go to the Customers tab. On the sub tab (on the line just below Customers tab) is the link to the Cart2Order module. Click on this link. You will now see a listing of shopping carts from your customers. Click on a Customer Name for more info. (Use Browser Back Button after viewing). Click on PayPal or Google Payment icon to convert cart to order. You will get a Confirm or Cancel box before conversion takes place.